Oh God, The Reason Why Sulu’s Got His Gender Neutral Undergarments In A Bunch About Trump Now…..

I remember one time, I had a friend that wrote a book. It was a little travelogue type thing about their trip through one particular state. It wasn’t that great, but I bought a copy to support them because they were a friend and they had stood by me. If it was anyone other than a good friend, I wouldn’t have bought the book.Star Trek actor George Takei attacked President Trump for not going to see his movie “Allegiance”.

He called the President “ignorant”, “uninformed”, “a troll” and an “alien life form”. If this Star Trek actor is so much smarter than the President, I wonder why he didn’t run.

“Today in this society, we have alien life forms that we call trolls and these trolls carry on without knowing what they’re talking about and knowing even less about the history of what they’re talking about and some of these trolls go on to be presidents of nations,” said Takei referring to Trump.

“The president was totally ignorant of the history of internment here. I invited Donald Trump to come see ‘Allegiance’ that we did on that subject. He never came. so he’s ignorant of that chapter of American history,” said Takei.

Apparently you can’t understand American history unless you see his movie. What an idiot.

He went on to rant about Star Trek. “And these people that are claiming that “Star Trek” is racist genocide or whatever they’re calling white genocide, don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re equal to the president of the United States. I think the president is as foolish and as uninformed and as ignorant as these trolls are,” said Takei.

 Check out the interview in the video below.

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