Officer Who Throws “White Privilege” Phrase Around Gets What She Deserves!

The social justice warriors are at it again. This one, however, got a taste of her own medicine and put in her place.

After a female officer decided to project her opinion on to another officer by calling out his “while male privilege”, she got herself suspended from the force.

All of this nonsense began with a training seminar. The U.S. Justice Department now has a mandatory training session that the Plainfield, IN police department was participating in.

This is referred to as the Police Supervisors Transgender Awareness Training Session. The Police Department has to listen and learn policies on how to deal with Transgender Suspects.

Apparently, after some statistics were presented to the officers. That transgender people are 3.32 times more likely to experience police violence compared to people who are not. Hearing this, a male spoke up and wondered where they got that information. He was putting into consideration his own experience, which did not sit well with Carri Weber.

She angrily chimed in. Telling him that his “white privilege” is why his experiences differ.


The male officer, who has not been identified, was taken back by the statement and decided to file a complaint.

The complaint stated:

“I was racially and sexistly slurred by Captain Carri Weber while I was asking a question of the instructor in training. I am now firmly aware of the discriminatory belief she just verbally communicated. … There is no place in the Plainfield Police administration or supervision for someone who holds and espouses her discriminatory views.”

He spoke, Painfield answered. The Board of Commissioners voted in favor of putting Weber on administrative leave on November 16th.

According to Tony Perona, who is the deputy town manager of Plainfield, said that her fate will be decided at the next meeting which will take place December 7th.

This does not look good for Weber, who has been previously suspended for driving her squad car drunk with open beer cans in the car itself. It looks like she may be out of chances.

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