Ocasio-Cortez Campaign Punished For Failure to Follow Basic Worker’s Rights Law

One thing that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is learning and at a very rapid rate is that there are so many things about how her job works that she might be feeling so overwhelmed right now that it isn’t even funny.

Shoot, even the notion of running for office can be a draining experience. I remember it wasn’t that long ago that I visited the town I grew up in with my family and ran into an old friend from high school that was running for local office.

He told me that one of the things that he didn’t realize about running for this local office that he was running for was how much work it was going to be and how in tune he had to have every aspect of his campaign with every single other.

For example, anyone you have working on your campaign is technically the employee of a company.

Which guess what kids, makes you responsible for if they hurt themselves in the conduct of their duties. Workers compensation is one of those things that quite honestly saved my family when my father got into a work accident that broke both of his legs when I was in the 7th grade.

The company that he worked for paid him what he should have been making until it came time for him to get his personal injury settlement since he certainly couldn’t do that job anymore. Anyway, one of the things that you are supposed to have when you have any kind of business is worker’s comp insurance.

Via Western Journal:

Democratic Socialist and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been in office for just over a week and is already in trouble for her campaign not providing workers’ compensation for part of their employment, Fox News reported.

Ocasio-Cortez, who presented herself as a champion for the working class, reportedly allowed the workers’ compensation to lapse for a month in 2018.

The newly minted representative’s campaign is being fined by the state of New York for the faux pas.

“The employer did not have the required workers’ compensation coverage from March 31, 2018, to April 30, 2018, and was issued a final penalty of $1,500, which was paid,” state Workers’ Compensation Board spokeswoman Melissa Stewart told the New York Daily News.

“This coverage is vital to ensuring workers are protected for on-the-job injuries,” Stewart added.

One Democratic campaign veteran was disheartened by this lapse of compensation coverage and said that “it’s not a great look” for Ocasio-Cortez.

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