OBAMA’S DOJ Purposely Reworked Job Postings To Exclude Our Nation’s Bravest!

I remember how har it was for me to get a job sometimes after I got out of the military. Some places seemed at the time like they didn’t want to hire veterans. A government watchdog group is now saying that Barack Obama’s Department of Justice went out of its way to make sure U.S. military veterans would be excluded from being qualified to to fill its job openings.

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel has found that Obama’s DOJ worked overtime to make sure military vets would be excluded from job openings despite the fact that a federal law gives veterans preferential consideration for such openings, The Washington Times reported.

The incident involved veterans applying for positions with the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program. The investigation revealed the DOJ scheduled off-site meetings to try and force candidates with a military background to drop out of the running for the openings in question. Worse, when the military vets refused to drop out, the DOJ canceled the job opening, then DOJ rewrote the requirements to prevent military applicants.

But Justice officials had their eye on non-veterans, and scheduled meetings off-site to try to force the veteran candidates to withdraw their applications, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel said. The veterans refused to withdraw and human resources told the ICITAP hiring officials that they had to hire the veterans.

Intent on avoiding that, the ICITAP then canceled the initial job-postings and re-listed the jobs a year later, in 2016, with new qualifications that excluded the veterans, the OSC’s investigative report said. The OSC said it is illegal to twist the hiring procedures to exclude veterans.

 “OSC found hiring violations for two positions at DOJ where officials sought to encourage preference eligible veterans to withdraw their applications,” the watchdog agency said. “DOJ wanted to hire a non-veteran candidate. When the veterans declined to withdraw, DOJ selected the non-veteran candidate, despite rules mandating that veterans receive priority in hiring over non-veterans in certain circumstances.”

Naturally the Obama appointees tried to explain it all away. But despite the excuses dreamed up by the Obama officials, the OSC ruled that DOJ officials should be reprimanded and that new training procedures for officials must be initiated.

Of course, we all know how much Barack Obama and his appointees hate the U.S. military.

For one thing he let 300,000 vets die waiting for care during his tenure, and next, as he had one foot out the door in his last year of his presidency, he vetoed a tiny pay raise for our soldiers.

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