Obama Released Him From GITMO….He Was Just Busted For Doing Something Absolutely Sick!

I always said that releasing those terrorist from Gitmo was a bad idea. I mean, if you look at non terrorist incarceration how many convicted felons eventually go back to committing crimes?Now even liberals can’t deny that Guantanamo Bay detainees are being held in a top-secret military prison for a reason and not just because America is “evil.”

A former Guantanamo Bay prisoner who was released by Barack Obama in 2009 has been caught leading an ISIS recruitment ring in France. (via Daily Mail).

Sabir Mahfouz Lahmar was arrested by French authorities in Bordeaux during a renewed effort by French police to drive out Islamic extremism. Six others were arrested in the crackdown. The terrorist was originally released by Barack Obama in 2009 after France agreed to house the Algerian-born Muslim. He was first arrested in 2001.

In fact, Lahmar was one of the six Algerians captured in Bosnia in 2001. The group had planned to launch an attack against the American embassy in Sarajevo.

Barack Obama promised that he would close the Cuba-based military prison when he first ran for election in 2008. After his inauguration, Obama back-tracked on his promise, after learning of the importance of the prison.

Yet, Obama still made a concerted effort to release as many terrorists as possible. In eight years, 653 prisoners were released by the soft-on-terror president. Barack Obama had an ideological opposition to the detention center. He was committed to free as many prisoners as possible — regardless of the potentially devastating consequences.

Of course, the consequences of releasing terrorists, who continued plotting, were immediately realized. Of the 653 prisoners released, 196 have been confirmed or are suspected of having recommitted themselves to the spread of Islamic terrorism. (via Gateway Pundit).

Former President Obama told the American people he would only release a hand-full of low-level terror suspects, but that was an outright lie. It is estimated that 30 percent of the prisoners released are actively engaged in terrorist activities. Many of those released have plotted and succeeded in carrying out additional attacks.

Only 41 prisoners remained in the detention center when President Trump took office. These are the worst of the worst — the few terrorists that even Obama refused to release to the world. But the hundreds he released anyway were arguably not any better.

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