BIG TIME Political Earthquake Rocking Washington, Trump Calling For DECISIVE Action…

As we continue to look back on the eight years that Obama tried running the country into the ground we are beginning to learn more horrible truths.

It goes without saying that none of these would have been reporter by the mainstream and they aren’t exactly itching to talk about any of this stuff now.

It remains a dead fact that our former commander in chief acted in ways where the word questionable wouldn’t even properly cover it and that includes some extremely shady dealings with those that would wish harm upon us.

We already know that for whatever reason, Obama appeared to be in bed with Iran.

He was the one who agreed to that ridiculous Nuclear Deal (which Donald Trump recently disposed of, thankfully), and he was the one who helped fund various Iranian activities.

And just this week, we found out the Obama administration secretly snuck around the Iran sanctions, and mysteriously gave them financial aid.

The Associated Press ran a story about a “secret Obama-era permit” that let Iran convert funds to American dollars, and U.S. citizens were just blown away.

This report means Obama essentially gave one of America’s biggest enemies access to our financial system. And now that Trump has learned of it, well…

He’s not happy.

This is what Donald Trump does when he sees a problem. He doesn’t tiptoe around it with politically correct statements. He makes a real move.

And of course, Trump is referring to Robert Mueller’s special counsel, the “13 Angry Democrats” who are investigating Donald over the fictitious Russia conspiracy.

It’d be a better idea for Mueller and his team to stop the leftist-fueled witch hunt and actually go after the facts, even if their savior, Barack Obama, is in the crosshairs.

The leader of the free world snuck around and gave Iran financial aid, and let them convert the funds to American dollars. …why? And why should we just ignore it?

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