Obama Has Some Nerve…Called Trump COWARD, Got INSTANTLY HUMILIATED…

I really think that one day people need to get together and write Obama a letter to tell him that he is not the president anymore and should stop acting like it.

It’s like if someone went and took an extra five minutes on their lunch break he would write them up for it but he would continuously leave for an hour or more at a time…Barack Obama is like a bad cold that just won’t go away.

The former president has taken it upon himself to remain in the public eye as a guardian of his rapidly disappearing legacy. Recently, Obama went to Berlin in order to talk about why people shouldn’t “hide behind walls.”

Barring the ludicrousness of a socialist lecturing Berliners about walls, Obama’s comments are meant to slam President Trump and his desire to keep Americans safe.

Alongside Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor who seems dead-set on killing off native European people for good, the smug Obama asserted that America can’t “isolate” itself from world politics. Of course, he said all this while standing behind a thick WALL of his own! (via Reuters).

In another twist of irony, as president, Obama delivered SEVERAL public speeches behind bullet-proof glass — and he’s currently constructing a 10-foot-high brick wall around his own home in Washington, DC! (via The Blaze)

Our wine-shipping elites are mostly childless and soulless bureaucrats who see our nations a profit-generating entities. They care little for our culture or communities. They live in a world where Islamic terror is simply a price to pay for greater globalization. (via Gatestone Institute)

Obama’s “isolate” comment also shows that he fundamentally misunderstands President Trump’s goals. President Trump does not seek a return to isolationism, but he does seek to return to a more sane foreign policy.

Unlike both George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Donald Trump wants our allies to pay their fair share for American protection, wants the U.S. to get out of the business of regime change, and wants more American money to be spent on America, not on Africa or Asia.

Obama’s hypocrisy is staggering. This is the man who ruined American prestige abroad and who made us all less safe at home. Under his watch, mass shootings increased and our cities witnessed an uptick in violent crime.

Rather than rid our streets of crime, Obama’s Justice Department became a political arm of the racial grievance industry. As President Trump would say: “SAD!” And, truly, it was a sad state of affairs. We’re lucky we, as a nation, survived eight years of an Obama presidency.

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