After Week 10, THOUSANDS Of Empty Seats Plaguing NFL Stadiums…

The NFL hasn’t exactly learned from this whole situation where Roger Goodell gave the players a free pass to disrespect the national anthem.

Want to get personal for a moment and provide an example how exactly how bad the situation with the NFL is getting and going to get. When my son was about twelve years old they had a special end of the school year field trip lined up for his class.

They were going to be going to a minor league baseball game and I got tapped to be one of the chaperones. Now, this minor league game was one that wasn’t through any affiliated major league club and was being played at around eleven in the morning.

The total attendance was maybe six or seven hundred. There were empty seats everywhere. Now, you would expect that kind of thing in that situation. Not from a nationally televised professional football game.

Photos of empty seats continue to make their appearance on Twitter as the NFL’s Week 10 games debut on Veterans Day, this weekend. Though only a few players decided to protest the country on this day dedicated to our soldiers, fans stayed away in droves.

According to the Twitter account Empty Seats Galore, the Rams “handed out 60,032 tickets” for the game as they met the Houston Texans beating the Texans 33 to 7.

But apparently, not many fans turned out to see the game.

Many seats were also empty at the San Francisco 49ers’ Levi’s stadium as the San Franciscans beat the New York Giants 31 to 21.

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