New Evidence Shows That The Last Alcatraz Escape Attempt Was A SUCCESS

The Alcatraz escape attempts always fascinated me when I was a kid. I think I have heard just about every possible measure that The Rock took to make sure that it was never a success. My favorite one was the story that I heard that they kept the shower water a couple degrees higher than other prisons. Every time the Escape From Alcatraz movie comes out on a new format, I have bought a new copy just because I am so enamored with the story of that prison. However, there’s always been one unanswered question…did they make it?New clues are being assembled that could solve the 55-year-old mystery of what happened to the three men who were the only escapees from Alcatraz.

Although the official story is that convicted bank robbers Frank Morris, John Anglin and his brother Clarence Anglin died in San Francisco Bay after their escape on June 11, 1962, a family photo from the 1970s and other evidence indicates they survived.

“This is absolutely the best actionable lead we’ve had,” said Art Roderick, a retired U.S. marshal who was lead investigator on the case for 20 years.

 The escape took place when the three men used dummy heads to make guards think they were in their beds, then escaped their cells using holes made with sharpened spoons and homemade chisels. After getting to the roof of their cell block and then reaching the ground of the island prison, they inflated life vests and a raft made of prison raincoats.

They were never seen after that night.

“I can tell you for a fact that they successfully escaped, all three. I don’t condone what they did in the robbery; that was wrong,” said Ken Widner, whose mother was the sister of the Anglins and who swam from Alcatraz to shore to see if it could be done. “I did the swim, and if I could do that, I know they could have.”

“I personally have not had contact with them. I can say now that he is dead, their older brother who was involved in the escape had contact with them all the time,” he said.

The evidence to support his claim is a photo Widner said is the Anglin brothers in Brazil. The photo was reportedly taken in 1975 and given to the family in 1992 by Fred Brizzi, a small-time criminal who claimed he met the brothers in Brazil.

“He had to wait until a certain time that would not get the brothers or family in trouble. When the photo was taken, the FBI were still focused on the case and had threatened family who had any knowledge of the escape,” Widner said in explaining why Brizzi waited to share the picture.

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