NBC Today Show Host’s Solution To “Global Warming”–GET RID OF ALL HUMANS (VIDEO)

There’s such a thing as something being completely and totally impractical and liberals seem to have the market cornered in that regard.

It seems that every single idea they come up with to fix some sort of a problem whether it be a real one or a manufactured one sounds like the ramblings of a sugared up seven year old that doesn’t totally understand how things work yet.

Like their whole argument with global warming. It’s just nonsense that they have been spewing for decades and just adjusting the due date on.

I can personally remember there being things being done when I was in school in 1990’s where people were trying to say that the world was pretty much going to end due to global warming in the next ten years.

Ten years later, I was still here and things ere fine. We’re going on several decades of this now and they are still telling the same nonsense story and adjusting the due date as they go along.

Via 100 Percent Fed Up: Accurate, systematic, global thermometer measurements of surface temperatures go back only to 1880.

That “recorded history” gaffe is even worse when you consider that during “recorded history,” in the 5,000-year sense of the phrase, there’s good evidence that the Earth has been warmer than it is today.

Robert Traciniski’s article continues to deconstruct the false narrative that the earth is the warmest in “recorded history,” by exposing the “very short time” so-called “experts” are relying upon.

For example, about half of the warming that occurs in that time happens prior to 1940, before it could have been caused by human activity. This warming was probably a natural rebound from the Little Ice Age, a cool period that ended in the middle of the 19th century.

More broadly, all changes in temperature that we observe today are relatively small variations within a much larger trend on a geological time scale. We know that the earth is going through a series of freezing and warming cycles on a scale of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of years. And it has mostly been freezing. We’re fortunate enough to live in a cozy, warm “interglacial” period between ice ages. So we’re all staring down the barrel of the next ice age, yet we’re spending our time worrying about global warming.

On the heels of some of the most frigid temperatures “recorded in history” across large swaths of America, Al Roker breathlessly attempts to keep the global warming enthusiasts from losing hope. Roker embarrassingly demands that his viewers heed his warning, citing a 2018 global climate report from NASA and NOAA. Roker pointed out, “This is not some fly-by-night organization or conspiracy theory, this is the government telling us, it’s the fourth warmest year globally ‘on record.’”


Roker’s co-host and resident stock photo model turned meteorologist, Dylan Dreyer takes the unhinged panel’s hysteria to an entirely new level of ridiculousness, suggesting that if we could just eliminate humans, the earth could correct itself and there would be no more global warming. Dreyer, with a straight face, told the panel of breathless global warming alarmists, “I think if we all disappeared like this, the earth would go back and we would be fine.”

You first, Dylan..

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