Muslims are NOT happy with President Trump. Turkey Threatens Retaliation Against Israel

President Trump is on the verge of making a decision on whether or not the United States will officially recognize Jerusalem as the capitol city of Israel. This is a decision that has already made waves throughout the world.

President Trump is due to make his decision next week. This has been debated and deliberated for months and now as the President comes up to making his announcement, he will be considering that while trying to fulfill his promise to move the embassy and also be keeping in mind that doing any of this could potentially put a rift in the attempts to make peace between Israel and Palestine.

The Palestinians claim part of Jerusalem as their own capitol city.

Turkey has even stepped in with thinly veiled threats against Israel and the United States.

President Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey has said that this is an issue that is a “red line” for Muslims and that breaking off diplomatic relations with Israel will be a definite possibility if President Trump decides in Israel’s favor.

“I am saddened by the reports that the U.S. is getting ready to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital,” Erdogan said.

“Mr. Trump, Jerusalem is the red line of Muslims. It is a violation of international law to take a decision supporting Israel while Palestinian society’s wounds are still bleeding,” he told a parliamentary meeting of his ruling AK Party.

“…this can go as far as severing Turkey’s ties with Israel. I am warning the United States not to take such a step which will deepen the problems in the region.”

Since 1967 when Israel captured the capitol city in its war with Palestine, there has been a struggle between the two nations on their claim over the city. Israel’s declaration that the entire city of Jerusalem is theirs has never been recognized on an international level.

Any change in plans involving the embassy or the recognition of the Jerusalem is going to have ripples.


The State Department recently advised American diplomatic posts in predominantly Muslim nations that an announcement about the embassy and Jerusalem’s status is possible next week, and advised them to be vigilant about possible protests, officials said.


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