The Media is IGNORING Major Questions About the Las Vegas Shooting

After the terrible mass shooting that happened in Las Vegas, Nevada, question were left unanswered and the media and government has no interest in answering.

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire decided to open up his own investigation of the massacre and immediately wondered why Stephen Paddock just suddenly stopped being reported by the media after the incident took place in October.

More questions have come up unanswered:

Why did the timeline of the shooting change three times?

Why isn’t there any video footage of Paddock in Las Vegas?

Why don’t we know exactly how many of the victims were injured?

Why did it take so long for the police to admit that they fired into Paddock’s hotel room?

Why did police shoot into the room if the room was quiet and Paddock was already dead as reports state?

And also why is no one else asking these questions?

Walsh is not only voicing his concerns about these questions, but he is also claiming that all the facts on the injuries and deaths are just not there:

“I actually don’t know how many people were shot. They tell us 527 people were injured, along with the 58 killed, but were all of those injuries from gunshots? Did the guy actually physically shoot 585 human beings? Or were some of the injuries from people getting knocked over and trampled in the melee? I would imagine the latter must be the case, but I don’t know. It’s been two months and we still don’t even know how many people Paddock shot. Maybe that number is available somewhere but I couldn’t find it. How is that possible? How could it be two months after the worst mass shooting in American history and we still don’t have a precise and well-publicized casualty count?”

Walsh is not stopping there, he is also calling out the sudden vanishing act the media has done in reference to the coverage. The media no longer seems to car about the shooting:

“Why did [Paddock] do it? We were told it wasn’t terrorism, even though ISIS claimed credit. Okay, then what was it? Was he crazy? But then how did a crazy person manage to orchestrate something like this? And why hasn’t a single person from Paddock’s personal life come forward and called him crazy? All we heard was that Paddock was a normal, rational guy. Dylann Roof was obviously disturbed. Adam Lanza had clear mental issues. James Holmes is a nutcase. The Orlando killer was a terrorist. Every single one of these guys fits into one of two categories: terrorist or lunatic. We’re told Stephen Paddock was neither of those things. What was he? Why did he do it? And why isn’t the media asking why he did it.”

He continues in his interrogation with wondering where the police were doing while this monster was shooting up the concert from his hotel room.  He wonders why in the world the police did not enter the hotel room until an HOUR after the shooting stopped. Were they stopping for doughnuts while 38 people were getting killed? Even after the sheriff confirmed that the police were in the hotel lobby when the shooting started, so what happened after?

Another question that needs answered is why did it take an entire month to admit that an officer actually did fire his weapon inside the killer’s hotel room. Not only did they not admit it, but they tired to deny it. They insisted that no officer discharged their weapon. Plus, why was a shot needed to be fired if the killer was dead in his room already?

The $100,000 Paddock wired to the Philippines before he committed the massacre is still a mystery. Where is the money going? And a computer and hard drive are both missing? Where is up about that? His motivation? His supposed escape plan?

Apparently there is no video. Really in the age where people record EVERYTHING?

Paddock is being left a mystery. There is no video footage whatsoever of this man. None of him with his gun.

“None of this makes any sense,” Walsh says as we wrapped up his article. “And maybe it never will make sense, because nobody is paying attention anymore.”

When will we get the answers if we get them at all?

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