A Student Was Penalized For Answering This Problem Correctly. The Reason Why Is Total Lunacy…

For what seemed like hundreds of years, math was pretty much the same. I mean, two plus two has always equaled four.

However, it seems that with the rise of some people becoming complete and alto lunatics, what used to be the correct answer for centuries is now apparently wrong. If you’ve ever tried to help your child with math homework, then you know how frustrating it can be. The way children are taught math today is far different than how it was taught in the past.

 It’s no wonder why parents are stumped by the math problem that one boy brought home from school. The problem was marked wrong when parents are saying it is 100% right. The Common Core math worksheet told students to use the repeated addition method to solve an equation: 5 x 3. So, the student did as asked and wrote the answer out as 5 +5+5. Sounds correct, right?

Apparently, his teacher didn’t think so because she deducted points and wrote down the correct answer…3+3+3+3+3

So, why is this correct when the answer the kid initially wrote marked wrong. They both equate to the same answer…15.

As if this wasn’t confusing enough, the kid was penalized for his answer to the next question as well. It asked him to write out how 6 x 4 is writing out when shown in repeated addition style. The kid wrote out 6 rows of 4 ones, but evidently, that wasn’t right either and the teacher shared that the correct answer is actually 4 rows of 6 ones.

 Confusing right? That’s because it is for parents who grew up learning a much less complicated way to solve math problems.

Common Core is an educational initiative that states what students in grades K through 12 should know by the end of each school year. The goal of the initiative is to establish consistent educational standards across the states and ensure that they are well-prepared for college classes that earn credits.

The thought behind common core math is that it teaches students math concepts in a more organized fashion and encourages them to solve real-world problems that can help them throughout life. Not only will students memorize formulas but they will also spend time modeling to understand concepts.

Because there are so many problems like the one above, the controversy over common core curriculum is popping up everywhere and several states have formed social media groups of parents joining together to stop this style of learning from taking over education.

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