A SECRET LIFE! Manafort Trial EXPLODES When Lawyer Drops Bombshell Questions

Folks, get the popcorn ready because the Mueller/Manafort show is getting good.

Rick Gates has been on the stand for days testifying as this whole boondoggle that has been the Paul Manafort trial has given us drama reminiscent of classic legal thrillers of days gone by.

Just as Gates wrapped up his testimony, the defense lawyers dropped a few megaton bombs on him with some brutal questions that aimed straight for the heart and asked about his infidelity.

Gates already acknowledged an extramarital affair, that took place in London, while he was working for Manafort.

Manafort’s attorney, Kevin Downing, wanted more. He kind of accused Gates of having multiple affairs, four in particular, in an attempt to catch Gates telling a lie. Perhaps this was a way to show he wasn’t a credible person to have on the stand. What good is his word if he gets caught in a lie, right? Nope. It was objected. Gates couldn’t answer.

But on Wednesday, Manafort attorney Kevin Downing seemed to accuse Gates of having affairs with multiple individuals, asking Gates whether he disclosed four affairs to the special counsel’s office. The question was part of an apparent bid to catch Gates in a lie, after he testified that his plea agreement would be in jeopardy if he doesn’t tell the truth on the stand.

Gates at one point had tried to sound sad and remorseful on the stand, even saying “I’ve made many mistakes over many years,” but he was pretty much told by a judge that now wasn’t the time for his apologetic schpiel.

This just exploded and now there’s even mention of an attempt to paint Gates as having a “secret life” in hopes to show character flaws.

If there’s a secret life going on, then we better get the details!!!

Fox News stated more: “For the previous two days in court, Gates has testified that he and Manafort committed bank and tax fraud together.

Both Manafort and Gates were indicted last year on charges of bank and tax fraud as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe. But prosecutors dropped charges against Gates after the former business partner took a plea deal and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.

During cross-examination on Tuesday, the defense painted Gates as living a “secret life” in London and accused him of embezzling money from Manafort’s foreign accounts at center of the trial to indulge in an extramarital affair in the United Kingdom.

“I’ve acknowledged there was a period where I had another relationship,” said Gates, who is married.

In an aggressive cross-examination on Tuesday, Manafort’s lead attorney Downing said to Gates: “You stole from Mr. Manafort.”

Downing accused Gates of lying on expense reports to make trips to London and around Europe.

Gates admitted during testimony on Monday to embezzling money from Manafort. But on Tuesday, he denied using that money to finance his extramarital relationship, saying he used “bonus money” and “family money.”

The questioning is part of the Manafort defense strategy of presenting Gates to the jury as someone who lies and cannot be trusted.

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