Liberals Banned An Elderly Bible Study, Learned QUICKLY They Messed With The WRONG Old Folks….

I once drove thirty five miles to deliver a Bible. My grandmother had to go into a rehab facility for a couple of months following a surgery that was about thirty five miles away from her house.  She got to the place and about a day later realized that she didn’t have her Bible with her.

So I got in my car and drove from her house to this rest home, with a Bible carefully placed on the passenger seat…Unless you’re a crazy, unstable practitioner of radical Islam, your religious freedoms are at risk in this country.

The Left is all for diversity and inclusivity when it comes to a group of people antithetic to the norm, but when it comes to Christians, it’s a different story. A resident at a California nursing home threatened to press legal charges against a Bible study that was taking place there. The members of the Bible study fought back, and won! (via One News Now)

Residents of Kern Canyon held Christian worship services at the clubhouse of Solera Association. They used these meetings to discuss Jesus Christ and read the Bible. Prior to Thanksgiving, the community’s homeowner’s association put a stop to the Christian meetings taking place at the facility.

Imagine if the roles were reversed — instead of a Christian gathering, imagine it were a Muslim gathering. Pretend someone spoke out in protest of the Islamic services taking place, and wanted them to be stopped. The media would be all over it, and the person who spoke against Islam would be branded as hateful, and bigoted.

The Muslim group would most likely be invited to the White House by Barack Obama to be praised, and the person who spoke up against them would be chastised and ridiculed by Liberals everywhere. It’s hypocritical and unfair.

Brad Dacus, head of Pacific Justice Institute, decided to speak up in defense of the Bible study taking place at the nursing home. He stated, “The association, instead of getting qualified legal counsel, went ahead and quickly caved in and banned the usage of this senior citizens’ clubhouse for church services even though they allowed other groups to use the facility with no problem.” (via One News Now)

The Left can’t seem to handle the fact that the United States of America is, historically, a Christian nation. It’s these particular values and ideals that make Western civilization so precious and unique. Liberals resent the Western world, and associate it with prejudice. They despise Christianity as a result, and hold the good Christians of today accountable for everything the church has ever done.

In light of this, we are currently experiencing a war on Christianity. College campuses are a breeding ground for anti-Christian rhetoric. It’s sad that nursing homes are now falling victim to this hateful narrative.

Dacus further stated, “The association has reversed its opinion for now, but we’re seeking full injunctive relief to protect senior citizens and these communities, who otherwise often can’t go to church on their own, to be able to worship and not be inhibited from doing so by a hostile homeowners association. We cannot allow a heckler’s veto to be successful at the cost of religious freedom for others.” (via One News Now)

This couldn’t be more true. The voice of one person is minor compared to a group’s voice, especially one that speaks for God. There is only one God, and if that’s threatening to you, we advise you explore that constructively, rather than silencing a harmless group of people.


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