Liberal Sports Commentators Blaming TRUMP For These Two Trash Talking Each Other Before Fight!

I hope Connor McGregor knocks Floyd Mayweather out. I hope it isn’t a quick knockout either, I want to see Floyd get it handed to him properly for a good few rounds and then have his woman beating ass slapped down in epic fashion.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is one of the most shit-talkingest boxers in the history of the sport. Conor McGregor has the shit-talking crown in the UFC. In the 3-country pre-fight press tour, the two have gone at each other as can be expected, dropping slurs and making derogatory statements about one another. It’s all completely for show to hype a fight between a non-boxer and a has-been, but FS1’s Shannon Sharpe is under the impression it is all Donald Trump’s fault.

In some of the pressers for the August 26 fight, Mayweather and McGregor have said some pretty offensive things. McGregor told Mayweather to “Dance for me, boy.” When confronted by this racist statement, McGregor explained that he was black from the waist down, indicating that he thinks he has a huge dick. Mayweather responded by calling McGregor a “faggot” because he’s just that witty.

Shannon Sharpe, who was quite the shit-talker himself in his NFL days, took exception with the unfriendly rhetoric between the two fighters saying:

“I don’t have a problem with trash talking. I don’t have a problem with you trying to sell me something, but doesn’t need to be sexist, it doesn’t need to be racist, it doesn’t need to be derogatory. And that’s what we saw,” started Sharpe.

Well actually, trash-talk does have to be derogatory. That’s what makes it trash talk. Otherwise it would be something else, like compliments or directions to Burger King.

And while Sharpe doesn’t quite get the purpose of trash-talk, he sure as hell knows who to blame:

“I’m disappointed as a society because we’ve come to accept this. I hate to say this, guys, but this is the President Trump effect because he has been allowed to say certain things with no ramifications,” said Sharpe.

Oh, so if Hillary Clinton had won the election, the press conferences between shit-talking Mayweather and shit-talking McGregor would have been cordial? If only America had voted for Hillary, we could have seen these two assholes calmly discuss banking regulations, but thanks to Trump we had to endure a typical pre-fight press event to hype a match that is sure to be a let-down.

And that’s what this is. The promoters need to create some buzz and controversy because Mayweather fights are boring as hell. He’s a great defensive boxer, which is a skill but not an interesting skill to watch. All he does is dance around, not getting hit for 12 rounds and then he wins in a decision. The promoters need a way to come up with the $527 million purse to pay the fighters.

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