Liberal Reporter Called Huckabee’s Daughter A LIAR And ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!

The so called press on the let will just not let things go. They have become quite literally the thought police for the democratic party.

They have turned what would otherwise be normal civil discourse into schoolyard insults and taunting of people that simply do not agree with them. It has become outright sickening the way that the mainstream press have shown no respect at all for anyone in the Trump Administration because they do not agree with them.

Trump’s Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders isn’t taking any of it. During a press conference where she was asked questions about former FBI Director James Comey, ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl suggested Trump was a liar, and Huckabee launched an aggressive attack against the leftist journalist. “Unless you want to trade places, I think it’s my turn now,” she said. Boom!

She continued, this time calling out the left’s blatant hypocrisy. “The people that are in the dark today are the Democrats. They want to come out and talk about how they love Comey and how great he was? Look at the facts: In Washington, we finally had something that I think we should have all been able to agree on, and that was that Director Comey shouldn’t have been at the FBI, but the Democrats want to play partisan games.”

  The radical Left won’t rest until they have completely smeared the Trump presidency. Thank goodness Trump appoints such competent employees. We need to take a stand against these leftist attacks.

The mainstream media has lost all of its credibility. They are unable to accurately report the news. There is more going on in the world than just their bizarre conspiracy theories.

Why has the radical Left resorted to conspiracy theories? They are likely relying on a larger strategy. They want to smear the president, and then win back the House during the next election cycle. If that happens, they will immediately move for an impeachment resolution.

The radical Left’s plans need to be exposed. They play dirty. The Republicans should have moved for an impeachment resolution against Obama, but the Republicans actually have dignity and integrity, so they don’t need to rely on such a pathetic strategy.

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