Liberal Public Schools Caught Brainwashing Students Into Thinking HORRIBLE Things About The NRA

Lies, that is pretty much the only thing that the liberal mind is good at coming up with. Not coming up with a better idea, but with coming up with lies. It’s almost like one of Henry Ford’s old assembly lines, it seems like a new one a minute.

Forget the bogus separation of church and state liberals are always harping on, how about a separation of liberal ideology and education?

An indoctrination factory in Florida gave a test to middle schoolers in which one of the questions suggested that the NRA shoots politicians who support gun control.

I guess it’s never too early to start turning kids against a fundamental and Constitutionally protected right.

WJHG reports that a recent test at Emerald Coast Middle School in South Walton, FL has some parents upset. In civics class no less, 7th graders were given this question:

Bob Smith is running for Congress. He is known to be in favor of passing gun control laws. What might the NRA (National Rifle Association) do?

a. Send lobbyists to talk to Bob Smith

b. Have a PAC put on a fundraiser in support Bob Smith’s campaign

c. Officially endorse Bob Smith’s opponent for Congress

d. Shoot him

Shoot him? Really? This is something a teacher thought was an acceptable thing to put on a test? If a student had written that answer in, he or she would have been suspended from school for making violent threats. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if any students who picked the “shoot him” answer got in trouble.

 Emerald Coast Middle School Principal Jeff Infinger tried to explains this outrageous question: “It was an elimination question that the teacher meant to be a simple, obviously elimination question that was obviously a poor choice of elimination question. That was meant to be a ridiculous question, obviously,” said Infinger.

Obviously Principal Infinger needs to buy a thesaurus and expand his vocabulary.

 Also, I don’t know that it was meant to be a ridiculous answer. The other answer about the NRA supporting this fictitious gun grabber with a fundraiser is pretty ridiculous too. Of the remaining answers, lobbying and supporting the opposition are reasonable, but there is no clear-cut right answer here.

What this test did achieve was plant the idea that the NRA shoots people they disagree with in the heads of young impressionable students. And guess what? That was what this teacher was trying to do all along; make the kids think that America’s oldest civil rights organization is a bunch of trigger-happy lunatics who achieve their agenda through violence.

Since this was in civics class, maybe students should be learning about the 2nd Amendment to keep and bears arms. Or that gun control is illegal state suppression of that Constitutional right. Or that the NRA fights to keep the government from denying that right.

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