LIBERAL Professors Now Saying That MOWING YOUR LAWN Is Racist….

Just when you thought that liberals were running out of things to say that were racist, they prove us wrong once again.

Mowing your lawn is something is as old as lawns themselves and the idea of cutting grass is nothing more than an act of maintenance.

The same way that a person might get their hair cut once a month or change the oil on their car every few thousand miles is no different that getting the mower out of the shed, the garage or hiring someone to do it if you can’t for some reason.

Now, I live in a neighborhood where the majority of the folks do their own yards. Seems like on Saturday mornings you will hear a buzzing outside of your house that will make you think you have a fruit fly stuck in your ear canal.

You’ll go down the street and you’ll see your black neighbor, your white neighbor and the Indian family down the block all mowing their lawns.

Boy, it’s going to be a really interesting time when someone has to go tell all of those folks that they are racists now because they don’t want to get some letter from the city telling them to mow their lawn.

Via 100 Percent Fed Up:

Oh yes…You can always count on the social justice warriors to take an absolutely normal thing Americans do and turn it into some sort of offensive and racist act.

Is this how they try and keep themselves relevant?

The latest insane issue that’s got the SJW’s all up in arms is that it’s racist to mow your lawn. It’s the ultimate in white supremacy to get out the lawnmower and mow.

According to these nutjobs, it’s an aggressive action that says, “stay off my lawn”.

We know this is a stretch but these people are actually giving speeches to discuss this abhorrent behavior…how dare someone mow their grass!


THIS is what passes for an “educator” these days? This person is so caught up in her lingo and hate for all things normal that she makes absolutely zero sense.

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