Liberal Democrats LOSING THEIR MINDS Over “IN GOD WE TRUST” License Plate

When you walk into whatever state motor vehicle department you have to go when it comes time to get new license plates, you will generally see what seems like a hundred different sample plates.

Most of them now are not exactly vanity plates but ones pertaining to a specific cause or organization.

You’ll have your ones going towards cancer research, you’ll have ones for animals and so on.

The way they do it is that they charge like an extra ten dollars for the plate for example and a certain amount of that ten dollars goes to an organization linked with that plate.

So to put it bluntly, the money generated from a “fight homelessness” plate doesn’t get given to a “childhood sports” plate and so on.

That being said there are liberals that have never met something they couldn’t find a way to be offended about.

Via Western Journal: If one Democrat gets his way, Arizona drivers will no longer be able to proclaim “in God We Trust” on their license plates.

Democratic state Sen. Juan Mendez of Tempe, angry that the conservative group Alliance Defending Freedom gets a share of the specialty plate revenue, has authored a bill to eliminate the plate entirely, according to The Arizona Republic.

“State dollars should not be funding an organization that works to strip residents of our state of their human rights and human dignity,” Mendez said in a news release, according to the Republic. “It’s appalling that we’ve already sent over a million dollars to this extremist hate group.”

According to the Republic, “ADF has been involved in a host of culture-war court cases: a challenge to the Obama administration directive that public schools allow transgender students to use bathrooms of their choice; the Hobby Lobby case regarding businesses’ right not to provide contraception coverage to their employees for religious reasons; and Arizona’s law defining marriage as between only a man and a woman.”

“We were appalled by it,” said Tory Roberg, director of government affairs for the Secular Coalition for Arizona, told the Republic. “People really need to know where their money is going.”

Arizona shares revenue from specialty plates with various groups. The state does not publicize which groups get revenue form which plates.

The “In God We Trust” license plate was introduced in 2012.

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