Laura Ingraham Takes To Live TV To BASH Megyn Kelly

All Hell Breaks Loose as Laura Ingraham Makes A Fool Out Of Megyn Kelly During The Fox Show!

Just yesterday it was reported that Megyn Kelly brought several women who made sexual misconduct accusations against Trump on her morning talk show to increase her personal ratings.

It did not take very long before the host from Fox News Laura Ingraham gave Kelly a dose of her own medicine. Kelly had actually made a claim that she would stay out of politics when she started the NBC gig. What a lie that was!

It was also reported by Mad World News that Laura Ingraham started by bashing the NBC for attempting to “distract from their own journalistic and sex abuse scandals” by “dragging out” women who have made accusations against President Trump.

It has not even been that long since the NBC host Matt Lauer was fired for sexual misconduct.

Monday night Ingraham stated that “The president, of course, has denied these allegations, but that didn’t stop Megyn Kelly from showcasing them on her own struggling morning show. So much for her staying out of politics. Wasn’t that what she was going to do?”

She went on to say, “Well, they then held a press conference sponsored by a [George] Soros-backed group called Brave New Films. Brave New Films describes itself as a ‘quick-strike media company that has produced a string of liberal documentaries. Establishment media tripped over themselves to take the bait and turn today’s White House press briefing into a total circus.”

In any regards, Laura Ingraham has put Megyn Kelly in her place.

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