Landmark Ruling Just KILLED Democrats Last Hope For Stealing Elections…

There have been dirty tricks in politics for a long time, and messing around with the voter rolls are one of the easiest ways to do it.

It’s like something my father said to me about two months before the 2016 election when we visited Gettysburg. We were walking around for a while and eventually he looked at me and said he wonders how all these Civil War vets feel about having to vote for Hillary Clinton.

With President Trump in office, the Democrats will do everything in their power to get back on top. Yet, instead of doing it the right way (i.e.: winning over Americans) they continue their dirty tricks.

You see, Democrats don’t care about democracy. Ironic, I know. They only want power. By any means necessary. Once they get into office, they only support those issues that will benefit them. If the people don’t like it, they are lectured at and scolded.

Those days are rapidly fading. With Trump in office, the Democrats have little power to stop him. Numerous times they’ve resorted to using radical liberal judges to block Trump’s plans. These Obama-appointed judges care less about our laws and Constitution and more about undermining the president.

But the Democrats are having a harder time manipulating the highest court in the land. And the Supreme Court just hit them with a ruling that they can’t undo.

From USA Today: Failing to vote can lead to getting knocked off voter registration rolls, a deeply divided Supreme Court ruled Monday in a decision that probably will help Republicans and hurt Democrats.

The court’s conservative majority ruled 5-4 that Ohio did not violate federal laws by purging voters who failed to vote for six years and did not confirm their residency. Ohio has the strictest such law in the nation.

The ruling protects similar laws in six states, including several electing governors or U.S. senators this fall. They are Pennsylvania, Georgia, Oregon, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Montana.

Justice Samuel Alito noted in his majority opinion that about one in eight voter registrations in the USA are invalid or inaccurate. He said failing to vote cannot be the sole reason for purging voters, but Ohio “removes registrants only if they have failed to vote and have failed to respond to a notice.”

We know that the key to Democrats getting the upper hand is through voter fraud. Often, we learn that dead people vote. Or people vote numerous times at different polling locations. Sometimes it comes out that non-citizens (i.e.: illegal immigrants) are voting. And, surprise, surprise, they always vote Democrat!

Democrats oppose common sense approaches to securing our democracy. They oppose voter ID laws, an easy way to prevent fraud. They claim these laws discriminate against minorities. Really? You can’t do anything in our society without an ID. You mean to tell me these people can buy liquor, drive a car, and open bank accounts—but don’t own ID’s? Considering a basic state-issued ID is relatively affordable, I’m not buying it.

The Ohio law in question gives the state the ability to remove names from registration rolls. If it’s clear they are no longer in that district. Why should their names be listed—if they haven’t voted there in years? Not doing so leaves elections open up to fraud.

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