Kathy Griffin Stepped On Stage, Got Booed Right Off It….That Wasn’t Even The Worst Of It For Her

Kathy Griffin has never been funny. Not once, not ever. She is one of those people that the rare moments that most people with a sense of decency when she comes on a television would want to scramble for a window to jump out of.

On those grounds alone, people have had an issue with her. Then came her completely and totally disgusting act earlier in the year where she was holding a mockup of President Trump’s severed head. It was disgusting as things can possibly get.

Kathy Griffin did a show called “My Life on the D-List.” But really, she’s been on the Z-list for a long time and people were not exactly clamoring to hire her. And she seems to have spiraled completely out of control since her fiasco attacking Trump.

Earlier he decided to declare war on President Donald Trump and his family and hold up what looked like a bloody severed Trump head, looking much like an ISIS beheading picture.

Media for once seemed to have some conscience and called her out on it. She lost some more jobs and even got investigated by the Secret Service.

She apologized but then she pulled it back and blamed the Trump family, saying they were trying to stop her from working.

She then hired a lawyer, seemingly setting up for a lawsuit.

More recently, she went on crazy rants on video accusing everyone that she knew of being behind her torpedoed career from her former boss Andy Cohen to Jeff Zucker.

She also shaved most of the hair off of her head.

Here’s a sample of her accusing Zucker of being a harasser like Harvey Weinstein.

And then this past Wednesday while in Dublin, Ireland, she fainted during a stand-up show.

She was booed by the crowd when she said it was ‘nice being in the U.K.’ apparently not realizing the Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom.

She appeared to be startled and rattled by the cat-calling crowd who thought she should know better as an Irish American who had been to Ireland before.

She was just about to do a Mariah Carey joke when she announced she was going out and fainted. Her boyfriend Randy Bick rushed onto the stage to help her.

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