Judge Jeanine May Have Just Given The Knockout Blow To The Crybaby News Network!

This whole thing with CNN literally bullying someone into taking down a video because it showed them in a negative light is the kind of crap you would expect to happen with state run media in North Korea or some crap; not in the United States.

HOWEVER, since we do live in the United States we have some laws that we can use to show CNN the error of their ways. If I was the person that they did this to I would be talking to an attorney right now to see what kind of damages can be gotten for this kind of thing.

I am not the type of person to frivolously say to go for a lawyer at the first sign of trouble but these guys definitely deserve to face some severe punishment for this.

Judge Jeanine was on fire last night and she had a message for CNN.

Like most of us, Judge Jeanine was disgusted to see CNN threaten, and possibly blackmail the man who made the funny pro wrestling video. She unloaded on them for their sick behavior, but she didn’t stop there.

 Judge Jeanine had legal expert Gregg Jarrett on the show to discuss all the possible laws CNN violated, and it’s worse than anyone imagined.

The network will never recover from this. Jarrett and Judge Jeanine agreed, CNN committed an “absolute crime.”

Yesterday, Ted Cruz says that CNN is guilty of Theft by Extortion (Georgia Code 16-8-16). This carries a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

He also Tweeted CNN is guilty of violating NY § 135.60, or coercion in the second degree. 

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