Judge Has Hit Rachel Dolezal With Trial Date Over WELFARE FRAUD!

The idea of Rachel Dolezal being someone that people actually need to care about these days is kind of strange when you think about it.

After all, she is someone whose fifteen minutes of fame dried up a good long time ago but yet she still pops up every now and again.

For those that do not remember she is the woman that was said she was identifying as black and had, if memory serves correct, been serving as an officer in a local NAACP branch when she first came to public prominence.

The problem with her is that every single decision she made after people began to know who in the heck that she was turned out to be a bad one.

That being the case, there is nothing wrong with someone borrowing money for a specific purpose when they need to from someone. However, if someone borrowed money from you to pay their water bill and you saw them out with their friends the next night eating a meal that cost fifty dollars a head you would likely have some questions now wouldn’t you?

Via Conservative Tribune:

Pretending you’re black when you’re not obviously isn’t a crime.

Unfortunately for Rachel Dolezal, pretending to the state that you’re without a source of income when you, in fact, have plenty of money rolling in tends to be frowned upon, particularly when you’re getting taxpayer dollars for it.

And now, Dolezal has a new court date regarding her alleged welfare fraud, despite attempts by her team to delay the proceedings.

According to KAYU-TV, a judge in Spokane has set a trial date of March 4 for Dolezal — now known as Nkechi Diallo — on charges that the former local NAACP president bilked the state out of thousands in public assistance and lied about it to investigators.

“Investigators allege that a few months after her parents exposed her as being white, Dolezal started falsifying her income to claim public assistance — stating that she was getting by on a few hundred dollars a month, given as gifts from friends,” KAYU reported.

“According to the court documents, Diallo was able to collect nearly $9,000 in state financial assistance, starting in August of 2015 through November of 2017.

But a state investigation of her banking records found that she had deposited more than $80,000 during that same period.”

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