Video: Charlatan Jesse Jackson Says Jesus Would Not Let Trump Get Into Heaven…

I am no theology scholar, but I think I’ve got the who gets into heaven thing down. Had it pretty much solved since I was six years old.

I remember sitting in Sunday School and the teacher outlined it for us pretty easily. She said that anyone who accepted Jesus Christ as their lord and savior was allowed entry into heaven. Whether they are a doctor, lawyer(that one might be a stretch) or a billionaire real estate magnate that ended up becoming President of the United States.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson told fellow clergy this week that President Donald Trump “would not qualify to get into Jesus’ kingdom.”

Jackson spoke Monday at the National Action Network’s “Ministers March for Justice.” During his speech, he equated the Electoral College with vestiges of racism and demanded an end to the system.

In his speech to the ministers, Jackson, who also attacked Trump’s comments following last month’s violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, castigated Trump’s immigration policy.

“Trump says you must be able to speak the language English, qualified and have a job skill. Jesus would not qualify to come in Trump’s country. He would not qualify to get into Jesus’ kingdom,” Jackson said.

Jackson then referenced the New Testament book of Matthew.

Many on Twitter were inflamed by Jackson’s remarks. Jackson also spoke about the fight against Confederate statues and racism.

“We stand against the relics of a war long since the Klan ended. The Confederate flag represents some evil, represents secession and slavery and sedition and segregation. The Confederate flag must come down. The statues must come down. Electoral College must come down. We want a one person, one vote democracy,” he said. Jackson had previously rejected Trump’s contention that both white supremacists and counter-protesters were responsible for the violence that erupted in Charlottesville last month.

“To make a moral equivalent of neo-Nazis and white supremacists and the KKK to nonviolent demonstrators is a false equation – and America didn’t accept that,” Jackson told Newsmax in August. He also attacked Trump directly.

“I think he is supported by those extremist white groups. He was reluctant to call them out. They seem to be his base politically.”

As reported by Western Journalism, Jackson at one time praised Trump for his support of Jackson’s programs and policies

“I do want to express thanks to you, Donald Trump. We need your building skills (and) your gusto,” he said in 1998.

“When we opened this Wall Street project and we talked about it, he gave us space at 40 Wall St., which was to make a statement about our having a presence there,” Jackson said a year later.

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