Is This The Video That Got Seth Rich Killed?

Seth Rich was someone just trying to make his way in the world and the string pullers that lurk in the shadows decided that he needed to be silenced. Seth Rich’s brutal murder exemplifies just how low the corrupt Democrat Party machine is willing to sink to cover up its fraud. The Dems are out to fix elections–and will remove anyone who stands in their way.

An insightful new video sheds light on why Seth Rich was killed. In this video, Rich is seen asking questions about ballot integrity to a panel of elections officials from various states. He was angry at the blatant corruption in his own party, leading him to leak the damning antics of the DNC.

In this fascinating panel, Rich asks about accessing data related to provisional and rejected ballots on Election Day. He says he wants to know whether it’s possible to see why these ballots are rejected or cast as provisional.

What makes this video so key to understanding the Seth Rich murder is the way it shows Rich’s interest in maintaining honest elections. Although he was a Democrat, Seth Rich believed in doing things right.

This put him at odds with the leadership of his party. The DNC has completely normalized cheating, fraud, and electioneering. There is no length they will not go to swing an election in their favor–including murder!

When Rich realized that the DNC was rigging their primary against their own voters, he became furious. He decided he couldn’t stand by and do nothing while Democrats cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination.

That’s when Rich made the decision to expose the DNC’s lies to the world. He leaked the emails proving that the Democrat Party had coordinated with the Clinton campaign from the beginning to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders and anyone else who threatened Hillary’s chances of winning.

Hillary was always supposed to be the Democrat candidate. Democrat voters never had a real choice. The Clintons accepted millions of dollars from globalist interests around the world. The Democrats needed Clinton in office to make good on their bribes.

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