HUGE FAIL! Justice System Has Let America Down!

A College student who committed a brutal murder gets a slap on the wrist while a man who leaves bacon at a mosque his life ruined.

In December, 2016, two students from the University of Akron went out to get some fast food after a night of drinking. After settling on Arby’s and getting back to their dorm room, an argument started.

Things ended with 22 year old Kendal Scheid stabbed 23 year old Duncan Unternaher in the chest, killing him.

Now, a year later, this murderer was sentenced to 3 years in prison, with an eligibility for parole in six months.

This is already a travesty of justice, but if you compare it to this case, it just gets worse.


Meanwhile, in Florida a man was finally sentenced after breaking into a mosque almost two years ago.

In January 2016, Michael Wolfe took a michete and smashed the windows of a mosque and then left 3 pounds of bacon at the front door. He was caught, arrested and pleaded guilty of something ridiculous.

One count of criminal mischief to a place of worship with a hate crime enhancement.


He is to serve 15 years in prison for something that was simply vandalism. His life is ruined while someone who committed a MURDER will still be able to live his life.

What is happening to our great country?

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