After A Nurse Wished Death On Sarah Sanders, Her Father Made Them Regret It Instantly!

You know what friends, I have personally just about had enough of all of this liberal nonsense where they try to say they are tolerant.

If they are tolerant about anything, it’s about burning down pharmacies and nothing else.

They can’t come up with a valid argument for anything if their lives depended on it so what do they do? They sickeningly insult someone for something that has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

Just a few days ago Sarah Huckabee was at the demilitarized zone in South Korea.  It was very cold outside and she didn’t have a jacket which prompted a soldier to lend her his jacket.  In a shocking reaction to what happened, a nursing professor from the University of Memphis tweeted that she would have liked to see Sarah Huckabee “freeze to death” instead.  Bad move.

Once Mike Huckabee got wind of this he was p*ssed!  He responded to this horrible nurse, and what he said is going viral! 

Here’s what nurse Ratched tweeted:

And here’s Mike Huckabee’s epic response!

Once other nurses heard about what she said they were NOT happy.  Take a look at what once nurse said on a reddit thread:

One can only hope she isn’t allowed to teach future nurses once the administration finds out.  Nurses are supposed to treat everyone the same, no matter what.  There is simply no room for this type of prejudice.

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