How Long It Took For Liberals To Sue Over The National Emergency Is An Absolute World Record…

When President Trump declared a national emergency in order to secure funding for the border wall, there were some liberals that must have dropped to the ground fainting.

One way or another we were going to get the wall built and there was no way around that.

The problem that they have is that Trump didn’t kiss the liberal backside in order to get the funding that he needed.

So what do they do when they realize when they are outsmarted? They don’t just take their ball and go home…They try to outright steal the ball.

Public Citizen, a Washington-based consumer group, filed the first lawsuit challenging President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration concerning the southern border Friday night.

The complaint, lodged in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, says the president’s declaration violates separation of powers principles because there is no emergency at the southern border justifying the invocation of extraordinary powers.

“Every halfhearted and palpably fabricated rationale to justify claims of emergency has been thoroughly and embarrassingly debunked,” Public Citizen president Robert Weissman said.

“Unauthorized immigration is not surging. Terrorists are not invading from Mexico. Illegal drug traffic is coming primarily through legal ports of entry, not open border areas.”

The plaintiffs are three Texas landowners who were informed that the government will construct border barriers on their property.

They are joined by the Frontera Audubon Society, an environmental group that operates a 15-acre nature preserve in the Rio Grande Valley.

The landowners say they will lose the use of their property if wall construction proceeds as planned, and fear damage to their homes during the course of construction.

The Frontera Audubon Society warns of lasting damage to a critical animal habitat and claims its members will lose the opportunity to “birdwatch and experience nature along the (Rio Grande).”

The plaintiffs argue that the situation at the southern border does not rise to the level of a national emergency.

Via Western Journal

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