Hillary Revealed What She Wants To Be Buried With When She Goes To He……

Hillary Clinton, as my grandmother would say, is more crooked than a football bat and nuttier than squirrel crap.

Americans became well-aware of how unhinged two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is during the campaign. As a consequence of Congressman Trey Gowdy’s investigation into her misuse of her email server, many disturbing details about Hillary’s personal life were outed from her emails.

Now that Hillary is out of power, hopefully for good, she has plenty of time to reflect upon her life. In a truly bizarre admission, Hillary just told her favorite newspaper The New York Times what she wants to be buried with when she dies.

Said Hillary in her interview, “I want to be buried with my editorial endorsements. I want an open casket and they can all be piled on top of me. You won’t even be able to see my body.” New York magazine writer Rebecca Traister tried to pass the odd quip off as “gallows humor.”

 Clinton’s aide Nick Merrill took it as one final time to gloat about the fact that all but 19 American newspapers sided with Hillary over Donald Trump, which proved once and for all how little sway newspapers now have on the average American.
Said Merrill in an awkward attempt at humor, imagining Hillary’s funeral, “I can’t seem to get a last look at Hillary, but here’s the Cleveland Plain Dealer!”

As evidenced by this interview, Hillary still cannot cope with the fact that she lost an election that everyone said she would win. “I beat both of them,” she said about Trump and Bernie Sanders, neglecting the fact that she lost to Trump in electoral votes, which is all that matters. She then claimed, “I had people literally seeking absolution” for not voting.

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