Clinton Crony Says Ol Killary Is Gonna Get The Powerchair Repair Team Back Together For 2020

Hillary Clinton reminds me of a guy I saw once in a bowling alley I used to frequent. Every week, he would get loaded and talk crap about this one guy to the point where the man challenged him to a fight.

The drunk got his ass handed to him in a way I have rarely seen. It was so bad that people were talking about calling ambulances before the fight was even over. The next week, the drunk was there AGAIN yelling at the same guy. It was mind blowing.

Is she or isn’t she? Since Hillary Clinton emerged from the woods, people have been asking the question: will she be running in 2020?

It certainly would seem from her actions that she is trying, once again to re-invent herself, this time as the leader of the Resistance.

She’s also taking a lot of time trying to justify her loss, which is another clue.

However, the justification of her loss seems to have reminded people of all the reasons that they didn’t like her and didn’t vote for her, particularly because of her inability to accept any responsibility for her own actions and to blame her everyone else for her loss but herself.

From Conservative Tribune: This week, Fox Business reported that Doug Schoen, a source close to the Clintons, claimed that Clinton was going to run. Speaking with Fox News journalist Stuart Varney, Schoen explained that Clinton was likely already in campaign mode based on the speeches she’s been giving.

“Even if it’s only in her own mind, she is running,” Shoen said.

“I was at an event with her and Bill Clinton last week and she made it very clear that she’s back in the game,” he explained.

That might not go over well with the DNC who literally cheated to help her win and who yesterday she threw under the bus, blaming them for her loss and excusing them of having no data game to hand her when she was running. The DNC data director called her claims “bulls*t” and said they were false.

But it would probably be a great idea for her to run again, at least to benefit the GOP.

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