Heartbreaking Footage Shows Doomed Bride In Dead Helicopter Crash On The Way To Her Wedding…

There is nothing sadder to me sometimes than when I hear about stories where someone dies on the way to their wedding. There’s just no way to describe it other than sad.

I think about the people that were to be on the other end of whatever the tragedy was, waiting for someone that will never arrive.

Newly released video showed the inside of a helicopter that crashed outside Sao Paulo, Brazil, while taking a bride-to-be to her wedding.

The helicopter was also carrying her brother, a photographer that was six months pregnant, and the pilot. All four were killed. The bride, Rosemere do Nascimento Silva, reportedly wanted to surprise the groom and the estimated 300 guests with her entrance.

The helicopter crashed nearly a mile away from the site of the reception, the Daily Record reported. The video of the May 2016 crash has just emerged on Brazilian media.

The helicopter apparently hit bad weather. Police and air crash investigators were looking into reports that it might have hit a tree amid poor visibility with rain, fog, and clouds.

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