He Opened A Locked Box After His Wife Died And Discovered Something Heartbreaking About Her…

Sometimes, you can go through your whole life thinking you know someone and it turns out they ended up being someone else. There was this case in Michigan many years ago where a woman got sent to prison in the 1970s for selling heroin to a cop. From all accounts it sounded like a young kid that got mixed up in something. She ended up escaping from prison and moving to California.

She got married, had children and eventually grandchildren. For decades nobody knew she was another person until a police officer pulled her over.

A widower was forced to wait more than five years after his wife’s suicide to discover who she really was, and the only reason her true identity was discovered was because of a small box in the back of her closet. Lori Ruff, as she was known to her husband, took her own life in Texas in 2010 after her marriage to Blake Ruff began to crumble.

Failed marriage counseling and issues with Blake’s parents proved to be too much, and Blake moved back in with his parents after six years of marriage and having a daughter with Lori. He filed for divorce earlier in 2010, according to Independent Journal Review.

Lori reportedly became increasingly unstable and sent threatening emails to Blake and his family members and made it harder and harder for Blake to see their child. Eventually, she was unable to take it anymore. She shot herself in a car outside Blake Ruff’s family’s home on Christmas Eve of 2010. After her funeral, Ruff had to undergo the awful process that is going through a loved one’s belongings.

It was then that he finally opened a sealed box which, according to the Independent Journal Review, he was told by his deceased and estranged wife not to open. What he found would leave him with more questions than answers.

In that box were multiple identities, all of which belonged to the woman Blake knew as Lori Ruff, and two suicide notes: one for their daughter and one for Blake.

Neither of the notes explained her true identity, and it all raised the question — who was she really?

It would take more than five years and one nuclear-physicist-turned-forensic genealogist to figure that out.

The mystery fascinated former Social Security Administration investigator Joe Velling, who saw the story online and made it his mission to discover the woman’s true identity, according to the Independent Journal Review.


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