HATEFUL Woman Sitting In Handicapped Seat Gets A BRUTAL Reality Check From The Cops! (WATCH)

Throughout the course of the average person’s life they will find themselves riding a train at one point or another.

Unlike Amtrak trains that might take you a long distance short trip commuter trains are not unlike riding a version of the city bus, which means you get all of the crazies that this entails.

Now, like your average city bus you have handicapped seats for those that might have a harder time getting in and out of the train.

There is nothing worse in this world than when you see someone that isn’t handicapped using one when someone that is could be using it.

A woman on the Northeast Corridor line train in New Jersey refused to move her bag on a crowded train despite complaints from angry passengers. It’s safe to say she doesn’t get how public transportation works.

The bratty woman had what appeared to be a Louis Vitton bag sitting next to her and was sitting in a handicapped seat when she was clearly no handicapped. Passengers told her repeatedly to move her bag or stand but she got nasty:

“You’re not disabled. You’re not pregnant. I don’t give a f*ck. I don’t want your bed bugs. I don’t want your smell.”

The train conductor even came to talk to her but she was even nasty to him.

She was eventually removed by a police officer who wasn’t having any of this brat and said:

“You want personal space? You’ll have plenty outside.”

She’s the definition of entitled.

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