Hannity Just EXPOSED The TRUTH Behind Mueller’s Trump Investigation For What It Really Is!

Despite the lack of evidence surrounding the investigation of President Donald Trump and his connections to Russia, the President continues to be investigated.

Robert Mueller’s investigation is causing considerable backlash to our President. Even with no evidence and an almost in-your-face bias, President Trump’s administration still continues to be attacked.

We all know that at the end of the day it is a witch hunt, pure and simple. It is someone looking for something that isn’t there.

Sean Hannity is one of those people that when you get right down to it simply doe not put up with people lying. His want for the truth to be present in all things has ruffled a lot of feathers and has caused a lot of Keurig machines to be destroyed in the process.

Even with the lies being apparent, this investigation is still harmful, as Sean Hannity stated:

“The special council of Robert Mueller’s entire investigation, we now know tonight is one giant cesspool. It is full corruption, partisanship and unbridled bias. It is the epitome of the Washington DC sewer and swamp and now Mueller’s stooges are literally doing everything within their power and then some to try and remove President Trump from office.”

As time runs out for Mueller, it seems like he is growing more and more desperate to find anything at all on President Trump.

Objectivity seems to be out the window as Hannity goes on to explain about one member of Mueller’s party:

“We now know that one of Mueller’s attack dogs has very deep ties with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party. Her name is Jeannie Rhee. Records show she is a huge Democrat and since 2008, Rhee has donated nearly $10,000 to Democrats.”

Watch Hannity expose the investigation in this video:

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