Hannity Just Took AOC’s Green New Deal And Ripped It To TOTAL SHREDS! (VIDEO)

Sean Hannity is someone that when you hear him talk he may not be someone that people will agree with all of the time but everything he says makes sense.

Agreeing with him certainly does help though.

Take this whole Green New Deal thing for example. AOC from the sound of it wants to completely and totally eliminate combustion engines at some point. Now, that might be a good idea in theory in thought but a terrible one in practicality.

If anyone has ever gone down a reading or watching videos on the internet rabbit hole you will eventually read a story about the K-Mart that’s located in Guam. It’s a K-Mart that has been there since at least the seventies and is one of the most profitable of that chain in any location per capital.

The reason is that they are the only giant retail store on the whole island. If you tried ordering from Amazon.com a ten dollar Monopoly board it would cost you that much money to ship it so people get things on the island for around the same that they would be in the mainland United States.

That’s with regular shipping lanes via boat and airplane. Think about how much it would cost for that same Monopoly board under AOC’s bright idea…it would be astronomical.

Via Western Journal: The Green New Deal, a brainchild of Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, is a legislative disaster that could be the worst thing ever to hit America, Fox News host Sean Hannity warned Thursday night.

“This is a real, serious threat to our way of life,” Hannity said on his show.

As reported by NPR, the legislation introduced by Ocasio-Cortez calls for all power in the United States to be generated by renewable energy sources. The Green New Deal would also upgrade every building in the U.S. for energy efficiency, provide everyone with a guaranteed good-paying job, and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from the agriculture and transportation industries to the best extent technology allows.

Hannity said the proposal was not just bad, it was dangerous.

“While some of you may be quick to think, oh, this is ridiculous. This could never happen here in the United States of America. Well, history is riddled with the roadkill and the misery and of many versions of socialism, almost always ending the same way: false promises, broken promises, failure, poverty, misery among the people,” he said.

Hannity said the real radical nature of current Democrats has been revealed.

“She’s calling it the Green New Deal. Now, everything we have been saying about the new radical extreme Democratic Party — what they were hiding in 2018 — now it’s all in writing and it might be even worse than we thought,” Hannity said, later adding that the Green New Deal was “a real proposal, real ideas from real lawmakers in the new radical extreme democratic socialist party of America, beyond dangerous, beyond scary,”

“Just hours ago, Ocasio-Cortez put together one of the most dangerous, impractically misguided, economically guaranteed-to-be-devastating plans ever championed by any American politician,” Hannity said.

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