HA! WWE’S Newest Super Villain Is Loudmouth Vegan Environmentalist! (VIDEO)

Anyone that has ever known a vegan has found out about it one of two ways.

Either that person is a long time friend that you happen to find out while you guys are going out to eat or you have the other type of person that tells you right before they tell you their first name the moment you are properly introduced.

They always say that the best villains are the ones that absolutely believe that they are right and want to tell you every second of the day that you are wrong.

That’s the thing about vegans is that it’s not enough for them to not consume anything that comes from an animal. We all know a vegetarian here and there and by and large a good portion of them don’t make a big deal out of it. They just don’t eat meat or bring along their own veggie burgers to the cookout.

However, you get those type of people that every so often have to make such a point about it that you just wish they would go away.

Via Infowars:

WWE wrestling is a scripted and often ridiculed form of ‘sports entertainment’, but it regularly excels at holding up a mirror to popular culture, and in that success attracts millions of eyeballs around the globe.

Reports in the mainstream news today note that Daniel Bryan, previously a staunch fan-favorite for years, has undergone a character change to become the most hated villain in the company by radically amping up his apparently real life veganism and environmental concerns and (in wrestling character) shoving it down the throats of fans.

On the Smackdown show this week, Bryan unveiled the new title belt along with a lecture about how the old belt was a disgusting “symbol of excess” and “gaudy” because of the gold and jewels, and that it was “made from cheap labor”.

Bryan lectured that the belt was “bound by the skin of an animal whose life had been taken from it,” before going on to hilariously create a back story about ‘Daisy’ the cow who had to ‘feel insufferable pain’ for the belt to be made.

To choruses of booing, Bryan declared that the “new symbol of excellence” is a belt made from “100 per cent sustainable organic hemp and carved from a naturally-fallen oak.”

Bryan and his big ugly bearded lumberjack shirt wearing buddy threw the old belt in the garbage, prompting fans to taunt him with a chant of ‘please recycle’.

It’s a plot twist that is gaining a lot of attention and success for WWE, most notably because Bryan, while espousing how Eco-friendly he is, is playing a straight up villain.

Why is this working so well and garnering attention?

Because people on the whole despise hypocritical environmental extremists who lecture them on carbon footprints, unsustainable lifestyles, and generally how they should live their lives.

Often those kind of people are really self absorbed virtue signalers and vacuous celebrities who are the worst offenders when it comes to carbon footprints and living sustainably.

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