What Roger Goodell Wants In His New Contract Is Absolutely Beyond Belief….

Of all the talk surrounding the NFL lately one of the main issues that has cropped up lately is the issue of Roger Goodell and his contract renewal.

Roger Goodell has not done a good job as NFL commissioner. Even before the anthem debacle, he was having a really hard time doing his job well. Remember the whole Ray Rice debacle? Goodell pretended not to know about the incident.

From ESPN: Ray Rice told NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on June 16 that he punched his then-fiancee in a casino elevator, four sources have told “Outside the Lines,” an assertion that contradicts Goodell’s statement this week that “when we met with Ray Rice and his representatives, it was ambiguous about what actually happened.”

Ultimately, Goodell was hammered by a court ruling that pointed out just what a terrible job he did there.

From ESPN: Roger Goodell had this coming to him, this damning 17-page report that hit him like a linebacker blitzing from the blind side. The commissioner of the National Football League came up so small and weak in initially handing Ray Rice a two-game suspension that he deserved to have a former federal judge reinstate the running back and announce to the world that Goodell was full of it.

The commissioner indefinitely suspended Rice in September for his violent assault on the woman who would become his wife because, he said, Rice had given him an account at odds with what appeared in the video TMZ aired of the February incident inside an Atlantic City, New Jersey, casino elevator. Goodell said Rice “misled” him in June before the first penalty was announced, and that’s why he gave himself a do-over and lowered the boom.

An abuse of discretion. As much as sports commissioners prefer that bad news breaks on Friday afternoons (never mind the Friday afternoon after Thanksgiving), when people are busy fleeing the office and diving into their weekend plans, Goodell couldn’t escape the magnitude of this rebuke.

And then we can’t forget about “Deflategate” with Tom Brady.

Now, Goodell is in hot water again. For some inexplicable reason, he decided not to fine or suspend players for sitting for the anthem. It clearly states in the NFL manual that players should be fined or suspended. But, Goodell sided with the players and disrespected the troops. Very odd.

Apparently, Goodell thinks he’s doing a great job. He wants a raise. The amount of money he wants is pretty alarming.

From The Daily Caller: Roger Goodell is asking for an absurd raise. According to ESPN, he wants $50 million a year and a private jet for life to remain in his current role. That’s a substantial bump up from the $30 million he’s making right now.

You kidding me? Sure, the NFL commissioner is going to make a lot of money. But, how in the world does this guy deserve a raise? He’s lucky to even have this job.

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