The LEFT Believes you can’t be black and support President Donald Trump. They just don’t see it has something feasible, but….


Boxing legend and famous grill maker, George Foreman reveals that Trump saved him when he was “Broke…Bankrupt.”

Then he blasts athletes for like Kaepernick and Durant for disrespecting our nation.

George Foreman has had it with the lack of respect for our country that he is seeing in many professional athletes, especially from Colin Kaepernick and Kevin Durant.

Recently in an interview, the 68-year-old, former heavyweight boxing champion spoke out against the protests of the National Anthem. He suggested that these athletes were born in ignorance and that these athletes are privileged to live in this great country.

Durant announced that he would not attend the White House if the Golden State Warriors were invited because he doesn’t “respect who’s in office right now,” Foreman said he and the other protesters are just “sore losers.”

Foreman went on to praise Donald Trump, the man he believes played a crucial role in his personal comeback at the age of 42. Trump helped to fund and promote his match with Holyfield. Before that fight, Foreman stated he was broke, but Trump helped save him financially.

“He’s part of writing those checks so I could be back on the wealthy side again,” said Foreman, reported the Daily Wire.

Fox and Friends reported, shortly after his inauguration, George Foreman offered some wise words of advice for his friend Donald J. Trump: The two-time world heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman sounded off on President Trump, saying he has to keep fighting in order to continue his “winning” streak.

George Foreman compared Trump’s battles with some of the opposition groups to the boxing matches he participated in over the years.

“When you’re in something like this, you just have to fight,” he said.

Foreman also advised Donald Trump not to listen to these protestors and stay on track, saying that while“in the ring”
he never listened to the “boos” from the crowd until he was home watching the match on tape.

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