Everyone Went Home Disgusted After What This Groom Was Caught Doing At His OWN WEDDING!

A friend of mine is a wedding photographer and once I asked him what’s one of the strangest things that you see the most at weddings.

He told me that one of the things that you surprisingly see the most is the groom doing something that brings the whole day to a screeching halt.

Most of the time it’s something that can be forgotten within a day or so like the guy getting so drunk that he can’t stand or something like that.

However, every once in a while you have something that takes place where you have to wonder how much the woman he was marrying really knew about him in the first place.

After walking down the aisle and vowing to love and to hold his new wife, 31-year-old Matthew Aimers did the unthinkable. He entered the bathroom at his own wedding and sexually assaulted a teenage waitress.

Allegedly, Aimers, whose wedding was in Philadelphia in November, struck the teen waitress before he groped her and then exposed himself to her. Later, Aimers got into a brawl at the reception and police were called to haul him away in handcuffs.

Although Aimers maintained his innocence and prayed that he would be able to live happily ever after with his wife, police were not fooled by his act. He was arraigned on Wednesday, facing multiple charges including indecent assault and indecent exposure.

Why did Aimers sexually assault the waitress at his own wedding? Was he having doubts about the woman he was marrying? Or is he just a sexual deviant with a violent streak?

During the wedding, police claim Aimers accosted the underage waitress and “asked her to go outside and make out.”

The teen refused to do such a thing, especially because she was on the job and he was the groom. However, she told police Aimers said they could “do whatever you want,” before he offered her $100 and demanded her to “kiss him as she means it.”

The waitress, who was a minor, refused to do anything with Aimers. That’s when he grew aggressive. He then followed her into the women’s bathroom where he struck her, pulled her into a stall, and then exposed himself as he groped her.

The waitress was left traumatized after the groom sexually assaulted her.

Later, a fight broke out that centered around Aimers. Police arrived at the Philadelphia club shortly after that. When they came, police found the groom “pushing and punching people.”

An employee told police that Aimers had punched him after he had tried to prevent the groom from illegally bringing alcohol outside of the venue.

While police were trying to talk to him, Aimers ignored them. He even tried to evade the police by boarding a shuttle to get away from the venue. When he was not able to escape, he started arguing with the police and calling them derogatory names and trying to start a fight with the cops.

The groom made a mad dash for it and then boarded the shuttle bus. Because he was trying to escape, a police officer had no choice but to board the bus with a Taser. He used the weapon to take down the groom because he was violent and aggressive.

On Wednesday, Aimers appeared in court and proclaimed his innocence. He was charged with the following: indecent assault, indecent exposure, imprisonment of a minor, harassment and related offenses.


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