Everyone Needs To Hear Exactly What Islamists Have Planned For Our Country!

I must confess people, I can’t quite get the attack in Manchester totally out of my head.

I’m thinking of the young people that are never going to get a chance all because some people, and I’m gonna talk real feeling here, have a corncob stuck up their butts about the way other people live.

It’s absolutely sickening to think that we live in a world where people can be so easily mowed down by someone with a chip on their shoulder simply because they don’t agree with them. If any of you remember back to when you were kids, at one point or another e were all given advice on how to handle situations like this.

We were all likely told that if we come across someone we don’t like we don’t associate with them. That’s the end of it. But oh no….the radical Islamic terrorists of the world feel the need to try and wipe people out because they don’t pray in the same direction they do.

Brigitte Gabriel is a Christian. But she was born in the Middle East, surrounded by Muslims in the heart of the Islamic world. In other words, she knows of what she speaks.

And what she’s telling us should be frightening to EVERY American who cares even a little bit for the future of this great nation.

Unfortunately, so many in our society have been hamstrung by political correctness.

But that’s not going to stop those who seek to subvert America. So those of us with our eyes still open to reality need to heed this woman’s words:

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