Even Democrats Are Getting Sick And Tired Of Robert Mueller!

Robert Mueller is a strange person to say the absolute least, and to add a little extra to that he might remind us all of someone we have met at various points in our lives.

He’s the person that we know from work that would profess that they were able to get something done in a certain amount of time and then by the moment that the time was up they weren’t even close to being up.

Now, Robert Mueller’s mandate as was supposed to be known was to try and find evidence that President Trump tried to rig the game in his favor with the use of outside entities.

He hasn’t found one single thing yet he has done everything that he can in order to try and bring down anyone that was ever associated with President Trump.

Donald Trump soundly beat Hillary Clinton and the liberals just cannot take it. What Mueller has been doing has been a police officer pulling someone over for doing 57 in a 55 and giving them a ticket for reckless driving. It’s sickening.

That being said, even the most die hard of liberals can see that this whole thing is going nowhere and that he is spinning his wheels.

Via Western Journal:

Some congressional Democrats appear concerned that special counsel Robert S. Mueller isn’t being thorough enough in his investigation into President Donald Trump.

Democratic Rep. Adam B. Schiff, Mueller’s No. 1 defender on Capitol Hill, believes Mueller could decline an investigation into the president’s businesses, he told the Los Angeles Times.

One issue of particular interest to Democrats, Schiff said Monday, was the ongoing negotiations between Trump’s allies and representatives from the Russian government over a skyscraper in Moscow during the 2016 election.

“Anyone who engaged in anything like that, anything remotely like that, would never get a security clearance, but this is the president of the United States,” Schiff told the LA Times. “If the financial entanglement goes beyond that, and includes money laundering and criminal activity that the Russians could expose at a time and place of their choosing, that’s compromising.”

The California representative later expressed concern that “Mueller may not be looking at this,” and said that House Democrats may have to take up the cause.

These concerns could also be why a number of Democrats are supporting impeachment proceedings against Trump before the release of Mueller’s final report.

Democratic Reps. Al Green of Texas and Steve Cohen of Tennessee said on Jan. 3 they would re-introduce articles of impeachment against the president, accusing him of obstructing justice.

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