ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! More NFL Racism is Tearing the League Apart!

After Colin Kaepernick decided to disrespect America with kneeling during the national anthem, other NFL players followed suit and the racist athlete was left unemployed. His racism has taken hold with other black NFL players and it is going to absolutely KILL the already dying franchise.

Kaepernick claimed that his protest was to trigger awareness to minority suppression and police brutality against the black community. Despite the fact that some instances of “police brutality” such as Charlotte have been proven false.

His protest sparked a race war in the NFL that was once a game where everyone could come together and enjoy regardless of differences of race, gender, or beliefs. It is now a boycotted sport, and the racism of blacks against whites is getting worse with every game.


If a white player decides to stand and show respect to the flag, the black players with make that person a target. Their own teammates will refuse to defend them. Quarterback Derek Carr was sacked as a result, leaving him with a fractured back.

Then Michael Bennett decided to take the racism to the next level. Anytime he tackled a white player, he would raise his fist. This is the symbol for “black power”.

Just when you think it cannot get worse, or any more racist; it does.

Bennett and more players have joined together to demand that all NFL fans and players be forced to participate in the protest during all of November. Proclaiming that November should be recognized as “activism awareness month” for now on.

Yes, they really demanded this. This is really a thing.

This was further confirmed when during a NFL game with the Seahawks playing the 49ers, Bennett sacked Brian Hover, a white quarterback. After that Bennett then pumped his first into the air. His “black power” symbol. Black media outlets praised this action.

Freedom Daily has gotten a hold of the story and according to them he is trying to make sure the NFL truly dies a death by demanding the fans participate.

Other players such as Philadelphia Eagles Torrey Smith and Former NFL player Anquan Boldin. Bennett even stated in a press conference that he was determined to continue with Kaepernick’s legacy.

What “legacy”?

The only legacy this thing is responsible for is a major decline in attendance and ratings. People all over the United States have called for an NFL boycott. Fans have stopped attending games. People have stopped watching, and the merchandising has taken a huge hit.


It sure seems like most fans want no part of these protests, and this could lead to even more fans jumping ship.

Enough is enough.

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