EIGHT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS Caught Stuck On Border Wall In California!

It’s hard to imagine the situation where you would put your children into obvious danger and it seems that illegal immigrants are doing that on a daily basis.

It is why it is best to try and get into the country legally because then at the very least you aren’t leaving your kids to the wind so to speak.

Crossing any kind of desert is dangerous. Shoot, if you live in some states its a bad idea to walk from one end of town to the other without a bottle of water on hand.

Which is why it is so mind boggling that someone would put their kids in danger the way that they are.

On top of that, getting caught on a fence is a pretty bad situation. Once when I was about eleven or twelve I was climbing the fence on our backyard and I got my leg caught on a piece sticking out and I was left there dangling. This was on a fence that was maybe four feet high. Cannot imagine something like the border fence.

Via Breitbart: Eight Guatemalan migrants were rescued from the top of a border wall near Mexicali, Baja California, Wednesday after they attempted to scale the barrier.

The migrants, consisting for four adults with four children, were rescued by the Mexicali fire department after authorities received a call regarding a group of people stuck in a tree near the U.S. border, according to local reporting.

They were identified as Raquel Agusto Hernández Sánchez, 44; her son Raquel Omar Hernández López, 10; Sarahi Ávila Santos, 34; María Sofia Simón Ávila, 9 months; José Rolando Mucu Xol, 32; Ervin Daniel Mucu Cacao, 12; Julia Josefina Xol Pop, 32; and Anderson Jonathan Cuz Xol, 13.

The migrants attempted the illegal crossing at Avenida Colón and Río Sinaloa y Río Mocorito Street by using a tree for cover.

They were stuck for approximately two hours before police and firemen arrived with a ladder.

The 9-month old was transported to a local hospital for treatment due to cold exposure.

The rest received medical evacuation and the children were transported to the DIF (The National System for Integral Family Development). The adults were held at a detention center in Zona Central. The temperatures in Mexicali dipped to 35 degrees Fahrenheit that night.

Breitbart News previously reported on a similar incident in Mexicali in early January when a pregnant, 19-year old-Central American migrant from Guatemala was rescued from the top of the border wall. Firefighters were also required to use a ladder to safely bring her down.

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