DOING THE NUMBERS: Trump’s Wall Costs A Shockingly Low Amount Per Person

When someone sees a large amount of money as far as it comes to pretty much anything, they will tend to jump back a little bit mentally.

Five billion dollars seems like a hell of a lot of money when you think bout it, but let’s break this down to a level that we would all understand.

When I was younger, the average price of a boxing pay per view was around fifty dollars. This seemed like it might as well be a million dollars to one person for one evening’s entertainment.

However, what we almost always did is that a couple of weeks before the fight we would ask anyone that we knew if they wanted to come over and to kick in five dollars to help offset the cost of the pay per view.

So instead of costing one person fifty dollars, it cost ten people five dollars each plus whatever you brought for food. That being said, when you look at how much the cost of the proposed border wall is, it might seem like much but when you divide it down to the person it’s really not much more than a per person trip to an Outback Steakhouse.

Via Conservative Tribune:

Democratic leadership is denying approval of the proposed $5.7 billion of funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

It may sound like a large sum, but a recent report from CBS 21 puts it in perspective: with around 328 million U.S. citizens, the wall would cost each person a mere $17.

Here’s some more perspective: $5.7 billion is just a small fraction of the federal government’s $4 trillion budget for this year.

“Compared to what the size of the entire budget or even the homeland security budget, it’s a small amount of money to help secure the border,” Rep. Phil Roe of Tennessee told CBS 21.

Compare $17 to the hundreds or thousands of dollars each taxpayer gives up every year to Social Security and Medicare expenditures.

Yet it’s still too high a price for politically-motivated Democrats who see illegal immigrants as future Democratic voters.

Democrats don’t want to miss out on the possible boost for their party when foreign nationals vote illegally in American elections.

Besides that, the possibility of President Trump securing the border and making progress to begin fixing the illegal immigration problem before the 2020 elections scares Democrats.

After all, what will it mean for Democratic candidates if they have to compete with a president who actually made good on his election promises to the American people?

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