Disturbing Tree Toppers in Circulation. Happy “Resistmas”

Hilary Clinton lost the election for President over a year ago. That did not stop this creepy product from hitting circulation.

Ever wonder what it would be like to have Satan on top of your Christmas tree? What about someone just as creepy? Then get out your wallets and prepare to pay for a tree topper that probably costs more than your tree.

The description of this is as follows:

“from 80.00 The most presidential of tree toppers. 3D sculpted in her iconic power suit with angelic wings.

3D printed to order with pinpoint accuracy, with a simple wire tie threaded through holes on her back to safely secure to your tree. She’s the First Lady of Christmas Tree Decorations.”

The British non profit Women To Look Up To are the ones with the grand idea behind this one. They are selling this super expensive tree topper internationally.

There are other women that are being made into “angels” for this season. Beyoncé and Serena Williams among others.

This was apparently done by popular vote to celebrate “Resistmas”. She is also featured on a Christmas card with former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Go ahead, let this sink in.

Wishing you a Merry “Resistmas”!

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