SERIOUSLY? SJWs Are Crying About A “Discrimination” Robot

San Francisco is liberal heaven. A social justice playground. This has been the case since the counter culture in the 1960’s.

On the flip side, San Francisco has been the birth place of some technological advances. It was just inevitable that eventually, those two worlds would collide.

The Washington Post has reported that liberals are crying out against a security robot. Accusing it of discrimination.

This is actually a thing. Liberals have such a need to complain about everything that they are now targeting a machine that was only built to act as a security guard.

Star Wars fans may make a connection to K9 but this robot is real.

SPCA had said that the robot was used to patrol the parking lot and sidewalk outside of their building after it had been broken into twice. Employees had also had enough with the harrassment that they were receiving.

“The robot, they said, would be able to snap photos, record security footage, and then notify shelter employees or police during an emergency.”

In a perfect world, that would be a big step forward in solving the problems and concerns that the employees of the animal shelter had. Apparently it just cannot be that simple.

The homeless population is the part of contention. They have a problem with the robot going way too far with what they have done in retaliation.

The Washington Post clarifies:

“In the past month, his first on the job, ‘K-9’ — a 5-foot-tall, 3-foot-wide K5 Autonomous Data Machine that can be rented for $6 an hour from Silicon Valley start-up Knightscope — was battered with barbecue sauce, allegedly smeared with feces, covered by a tarp and nearly toppled by an attacker,”

“K-9 was also accused of discriminating against homeless people who had taken up refuge on the sidewalks he was assigned to patrol,” continued the Post.

Once an SPCA spokeswoman told the San Francisco Business Times that since the K9 robot has been patrolling, the number of homeless that camp outside has diminished, it was war. Ignoring that this led to a decrease in drug use and overall crime in the area, the social justice warriors got ready for battle.

“It was those troubling allegations, which went viral this week, that sparked public outrage and prompted K-9’s employers — the San Francisco chapter of the animal rescue group SPCA — to pull the plug on their newly minted robot security pilot program,” the report continued.

“Effective immediately, the San Francisco SPCA has suspended its security robot pilot program,” Jennifer Scarlett, the organization’s president, stated in an email to the Post.

So, these poor employees just wanted a bit of protection from possible harassment and catcalls and vandalism. They just wanted to make sure that when they came into work the next day the building will not have been broken into.

This is getting absolutely ridiculous. It is a robot, not something that is out to get anyone. The social justice warriors will never stop whining.

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