JUST IN: Head Of Democratic Party Just Hauled Out In Handcuffs With Multiple Charges

Democrats like to wake up and go to bed talking about how crooked anyone else but they are.

However, if you get right down to the meat of the matter Democratic politicians end up getting found out to have done more criminal type stuff than anything they ever accuse a Republican of.

Take a look at just a little over a decade ago when the Democratic mayor of Detroit was removed from office and eventually sent to prison for a list of charges so long you’d almost expect for him to have tried to steal the judges gavel during sentencing.

The head of the Alabama Democratic Party found herself in very hot water just recently. She was indicted for several felonies and misdemeanors.

The crooked Democrat was euphemistically hauled away in handcuffs over this… former Secretary of State Nancy Worley wound up booked at the Montgomery County Jail and then was released on bond.

She found herself locked up after an indictment came down charging the head Democrat with actions committed during her unsuccessful campaign for re-election last year.

Worley is just one in a long line of Democrats who have been charged and arrested over the last year.

Everything from fraud, to perjury, to sexual misconduct have headlined the news on these politicians.

Taxpayers have forked over an immense amount to try Democrats for crimes they committed while serving as “public officials.” It’s beginning to look like there are so few honest Democrats out there that states such as Alabama have become a stomping ground for people like Worley.

During the four years she spent in office, she was challenged by numerous complaints.

They ranged from charges of abusing her position by utilizing a gas-guzzling SUV that the state of Alabama paid for, to causing low morale among a number of employees who were very unhappy with her so-called leadership.

One of those individuals was Ed Packard. “I’m hoping that what this means is that the law that protects state employees is going to be enforced.” I would love to know what he meant by that and exactly what she did to him.

The indictment charges that Worley broke the law previously in one instance for writing a letter to her employees basically demanding that they vote for her, “I want to ask for your support and your vote in the June 2006 Democratic Primary Election.”

The unsaid message there is, vote for me if you value your job. And there were other allegations over the years as well.

This same woman has the gall to rant about Republicans who were allegedly kicked out of or “ousted” from office in Alabama for misconduct. She used this faulty reasoning to tell Alabamans that is why they should vote Democrat.

Worley went on to say that she had always requested her employees not discriminate against anyone because of his or her politics, race, religion or social status. She said, “If you choose to support another candidate you have every right to make that decision without any problems from me.”
Evidently, that turned out to not be true. You won’t be shocked in the least to know she’s a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton as well. She learned very well from her mentor.

Worley’s attorney of course claims the above statement means employees were not pressured into contributing to her campaign, but Packard and others certainly see it differently. “Aside from it being illegal it just seems wrong for an elected official to request money or other kinds of campaign support from their subordinates because of that employer-employee relationship that could be coercive just by its very nature,” he said. That’s got to be a violation of campaign laws in that state.

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