Dem Lawmaker Skips Every Vote One Year, Collects THOUSANDS In Work Reimbursements!

Over the years, someone reading this has been in a situation where you were given a budget of some kind for travel expenses by the place you worked.

It could have been a flat fee that you got every week as a fuel expense reimbursement for using your own vehicle to travel from job to job.

You could have had to travel out of town for work for a few days and gotten some kind of meal per diem. Now, imagine if you were given all that money and didn’t fulfill the requirements of that job. It would begin to look pretty sketchy wouldn’t it.

Whenever you are using other people’s money there are always going to be requirements to it.

Shoot, when I got out of the Navy they reimbursed me for all of my travel expenses (gas, food, lodging and so on) for the distance that I had to travel from my duty station to where I lived when I got out.

They gave me back every single dime I spent but the issue was that I only drive about eight or nine hours per day so that I wasn’t;’t driving overtired or something like that.

They were paying for everything else so it was a small consideration. That being said, if someone was paying me to travel to vote I would probably vote once I got there.

Via 100 Percent Fed Up:

After the swearing-in ceremony, Tlaib attended an event held by MoveOn, a radical, leftist, George Soros funded organization, where she was caught on video relaying a conversation she had with her young son, where she told him not to worry about President Trump, because ” We’re gonna impeach the motherf**ker!”

Back in Michigan, Rep. Bettie Cook Scott, another Democrat lawmaker, who represents much of the same district as U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib, is making news after it was discovered that the MI lawmaker stopped voting in June 2018, but continued to collect money from the state of MI for her travel expenses to and from the Capitol, even though she never voted.

According to MI Cap Confidential – Bettie Cook Scott stopped voting on bills during her final year as a Democratic legislator, but the Detroit state representative did not stop submitting mileage expenses incurred for trips to Lansing.

On her website, Cook Scott claims that her “campaign promises aren’t just hype” to get votes, but “a commitment to get results.”

Scott received $2,629 in mileage reimbursements in the final six months of her term as an elected state representative, despite not participating in a single roll call vote during that time. The House held 488 recorded roll call votes during those months and passed hundreds of bills. (Scott’s missed votes are listed here with a brief description of each measure.)

All members of the Michigan Legislature are allowed $10,800 per year to cover expenses incurred while “carrying out the responsibilities of state office.” The amount is set by a government office called the State Officers Compensation Commission, as authorized by the state constitution. The expenses are reimbursed without the legislator having to show evidence that any costs were actually incurred, according to the House Business Office.

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